Urihk Pharma Offerings

We at URIHK are focused on helping you. After receiving successful care for various aches and pains over the years, we found our calling to help others get well.

Ulihope: Lyophilized powder for injection

Strength 100,000 IU
Primary Pack: Vial for Injection

Oxiplex : Adhesion barrier for spine surgery

Carboxymethyl cellulose + Polyethylene oxide
Strength: 3ml
Primary Pack: Prefilled syringe + applicator

Nurohope: Lyophilized Injection for IV use only

Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate 2100mg equivalent to nitrogen 60mg
Primary pack: Pack of 6 vials for injection

Merostart: Lyophilized powder for Injection

Strength: 500mg and 1gm
Primary pack: Vial for Injection

Polyhope: Lyophilized Injection for Intrathecal/IV/Infusion

Polymyxin B Sulphate U.S.P. equivalent to Polymyxin B
Strength : 5,00,000 Units
Primary pack: Vial for Injection

Colihope: Lyophilized powder for injection

Colistimethate sodium
Strength: 1MIU, 2MIU & 3MIU
Primary Pack: Vial for Injection

Tigihope: Lyophilized powder for injection

Strength: 50mg
Primary Pack: Vial for Injection

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