Team Urihk

Our collaborative and open culture enables increased employee engagement and opportunities for growth.
From our managers to our on-the-ground sales force, we invest meaningfully in the training and development
of our diverse employee network, empowering them to deliver tailored medical advice with a real impact.

Dr. Tarun Gupta - Co-Founder

Dr. Tarun Gupta


Professional Experience

  • Medical doctor
  • Founded Joint Force Pharmaceutical Limited in 2002
  • Established Lupin (India) Ltd.’s China operation from 1992 onwards

Mr. Yuan Shimin (Terry) - Co-Founder

Mr. Yuan Shimin (Terry)


Professional Experience

  • Founded DrugDu (Shenzhen) Ltd. Co. in 2016
  • Founded Shenzhen Mellowhope Pharm Limited in 2001
  • One of China’s largest exporters of vaccines and biosimilar products
Mr. Rajesh Sharma - Director

Mr. Rajesh Sharma


Professional Experience

  • 36 years’ experience in marketing, sales and business operations at Ranbaxy and Wockhardt
  • Managed multiple businesses with sales value of $154 million and a team of 2,200 people
  • Proven track record launching new products in the Indian pharmaceutical market

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