20-8-21 Patient Education video on a Basic Overview of Ischemic stroke by Dr. Rahul Nag. Issued in the public interest by Urihk Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

Ischemic Stroke is the most common type of stroke that can be present in pre-determined syndromes due to decreased blood flow to particular areas of the brain  

Dr. Rahul Nag Namburi is MD DM Neuro Physician from Hyderabad, has discussed about the basic overview of ischemic stroke & also highlighted the modalities required, etiology, causes, diagnosis, treatment of Ischemic stroke.  

The etiology of ischemic stroke is due to either a thrombotic or embolic event. In the Thrombotic Stroke, a blood clot is formed inside the artery in the brain which blocks the blood flow. Usually seen in older persons. Embolic Stroke is caused by a blood clot or plaque debris that develops elsewhere in the body and then travels to one of the blood vessels in the brain through the bloodstream. 

The video is featured in Forbes India Doctor’s voice. 

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