Intravenous injection for multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacterial infections

Product information

Colihope: Lyophilized powder for injection
Active Ingredient: Colistimethate Sodium
Strength: 1,000,000 IU
Primary Pack: Vial for injection

What is Colistimethate Sodium?

Colistimethate Sodium is a cyclic polypeptide antibiotic which belongs to the polymyxin group. The polymyxin antibiotics are cationic surface-active agents that work by damaging the cell membrane. The resulting physiological effects are lethal to the bacterium. Per the international consensus guidelines for 2019 for the optimal use of polymixins, Colistimethate Sodium is the preferred polymyxin for the treatment of lower urinary tract infections.

Why Colihope?

Globally there is a growing threat from the emergence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) microorganisms. Their increasing prevalence is causing major clinical problems in patients with burns, neutropenia, or cystic fibrosis, and in immunocompromised patients.

Colihope, our GMP and FDA approved antibiotic, promises to treat Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in cystic fibrosis patients and other certain bacterial infections by stopping the growth of MDR bacteria.

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