Adhesion barrier used in spine surgery

Product information

Oxiplex: Adhesion barrier for spine surgery
Active Ingredient: Carboxymethyl cellulose + Polyethylene oxide
Strength: 3ml
Primary Pack: Prefilled syringe + applicator
Therapeutic Indication: Adhesion barrier used in spine surgery

What is Oxiplex?

A single use, absorbable and clear gel, Oxiplex is used at the time of lumbar spine surgery before the wound must be closed to prevent adhesion formation. It functions as an effective barrier that separates tissue surfaces with a clear, single-use, flowable gel. It is intended to serve as a temporary, bioabsorbable mechanical barrier separating opposing tissues that are surgically traumatized, preventing adhesion formation and epidural fibrosis.

Why Oxiplex?

Oxiplex has shown extremely positive results as a surgical barrier that minimises the recurring symptoms associated with spine revision surgery and Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS). These symptoms, which include chronic leg pain, back pain and other neurological issues, can plague patients even after the most successful surgery at no fault of the surgeon.

A revolutionary product, this is the first time that Oxiplex is available in Indian markets. With limited alternatives available previously, Urihk has partnered with Fziomed to provide Indian neurosurgeons and spinal surgeons this leading medicine for reducing pain and associated symptoms post-lumbar surgery.

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