A webinar on the relationship between Covid and sepsis held on 5 July 2021 in collaboration with IHW council.

Urihk Pharmaceutical celebrated gratitude week on the occasion of doctor’s day in collaboration with the IHW council. IHW Council works towards creating awareness and advocacy for a healthier, happier world.

 The webinar was on the topic of- Relationship between Covid and sepsis. An interactive discussion with the participation of renowned faculty members who shared their insight on important topics like cytokine storm, Signs and Symptoms of sepsis, Bacterial and fungal sepsis, challenges faced by doctors while treating secondary sepsis in Covid patients, Caution use of Immunosuppressant and many more. 

The key Panelist was Dr. Abdul Ansari Director, Critical Care Nanavati Hospital. Dr. Urvi Shukla InCharge Department of Critical Care and Emergency Services, Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre. Dr. V. Dedeepiya Devaprasad Critical Care Specialist Apollo Hospital. Dr. Vijay Mishra, Medical Director BMMSH and Director – Medica Insititute of Critical Care.