About Urihk – Innovative Pharmaceutical Company in India

URIHK is a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company that launches, registers and distributes innovative critical care and neuro products in India

About us new
Urihk Pharmaceuticals (“URIHK” or “Urihk”), a subsidiary of UREKA Hong Kong Ltd., has built a strong foundation in India by launching and distributing innovative drugs in the critical care and neuro segments. With a network spanning more than 55 countries, we are known for proliferating reliable and diverse therapies that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Urihk began as a partnership between three highly experienced companies: Jiangsu Aidea Pharmaceutical (“Aidea”), Joint Force Pharmaceutical Limited (“JFPL”), and Shenzhen Mellow Hope Pharm Limited (“Mellow Hope”). The Urihk Partnership continues to grow and evolve, leveraging learnings and expertise to bring the best the world has on offer to India.

Urihk’s mission is to help save lives through the development and distribution of groundbreaking  products. We aim to provide innovative products at optimal pricing, to suit a wide range of customers in the critical care and neuro segments. Our top priority is always the requirements of medical professionals and their patients; at Urihk, we strive to emphasize the ‘U’ before the ‘I’.

Urihk is entirely invested in becoming a leading name in India and beyond. We provide a unique product range for our extensive customers, and are constantly looking for better ways to connect with new partners globally. Count on us to fulfill the unmet needs of Indian patients.
Count on us to help you build a better India.

Our Vision

To proliferate proven, high-quality, innovative pharmaceutical products at affordable prices, with a particular focus on the critical care segment.

Our Mission

To serve patients and save lives in the ICU by unlocking the vast medicinal properties that nature has to offer.


Create value

for patients, medical practitioners & stakeholders alike

Foster competition

to enable affordable access to pharmaceuticals

Ensure quality

and maintain integrity to increase positive health outcomes

Collaborate across borders

to leverage learnings and work with cutting edge technology

Encourage innovation

that is ground-breaking and environmentally sustainable

Nurture partnerships

that are long-lasting, based on trust, communication and shared values

Value Proposition

Unrivaled manufacturing, procurement, and sourcing infrastructure

Cross border partnerships, leveraging global and local expertise

Fully vertically integrated operation, from sourcing to distribution

Best-in-class research and technology team equipped to handle new products

We are always looking for talented people