Urihk participated in participated as session partners in ISCCM virtual conference 2021

Urihk participated as session partners at the 27th Annual ISCCM (Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine) virtual conference, held on Feb 2021. 

ISCCM is the largest non-profit association of Indian Physicians, Nurses, Physiotherapists, and other allied health care professionals involved in the care of the critically ill. ISCCM is having a membership of 12046, comprising 87 city branches all across India.

Urihk was the only company that promoted Ulinastatin actively on the virtual stall. Academic sessions were presented by Dr. Subhal Dixit, Pune, and Dr. Abdul Ansari, Mumbai on the topics Immune Dysregulation in Sepsis & ARDS and Therapeutic approach for modulating Immune response in Sepsis & ARDS respectively. The conference was well attended by physicians across India, with senior faculty from all over the world. With more than 300 attendees visiting the virtual stall, 600 Healthcare professionals attended our sponsored sessions.