19-07-21 Urihk launches new products, expands our product line.

Urihk is proud to announce several new additions to our product line on 19-07-21. Augmenting our current basket of high-end antibiotics, by launching entry level antibiotics, antifungals and also extending our basket of anti-coagulants. The products were launched as an internal meeting with the presence of Board of directors. 

The new products include pathocrit (Piperacillin and Tazobactam), Pathomax (Cefoperazone and sulbactam), Uritericin-B (Amphotericin B emulsion), Urifondof (Fondaparinux sodium injections) ,Ceferprik S (Ceftriaxone and  Sulbactum  Injection). These product range cover different type of infections and are available as pre-filled syringe and vials for injections.  

With the addition of these new products Urihk hopes to reach larger patient population. Change India, one patient at a time and move towards becoming one stop solution for ICU care.