01-08-18 Urihk buys land in Tarapur, Maharashtra for state-of-the-art manufacturing plant

After a long, nationwide search, Urihk managed to find the optimal land for developing a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. Protected by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), this land is a highly valuable asset, with guaranteed access to running water, electricity and sanitation. Our Tarapur factory will cater to the needs of both the Indian and the global market. We also hope it will provide jobs to locals in the area, contributing to the regional economy.

The site selection process was extremely rigorous, as Urihk was intent on acquiring good quality land in an ideal location to build an outstanding API & Finished Formulations facility from the ground-up. We will start with the construction of the API facility, after which the finished formulation plant will be erected. The beauty of overseeing construction from start to finish is that Urihk can fully ensure there are no compromises to international standards, so that “make in India” becomes synonymous with high quality.